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Even in the event of an insolvency it is possible to find a buyer

Thanks to Hanse Consulting a suitable buyer was found and hence many jobs were saved in Hamburg…

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Every Jack has his Jill

Every transaction begins with the search for the ideal counterpart.
Key decisions are already reached before negotiations begin, and decisive errors are also often made …

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Stay clear of supposed bargains

What is a bargain? According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, a bargain is „a thing bought or offered for sale much more cheaply than is usual or expected“. If one applies this definition to companies, that means: „Lots of company for little money“ …

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Instill trust in the buyer

The question of succession is looming for some 300,000 family-run business. However, only in every third or fourth is the next generation interested in continuing the business. Attempts to continue the business in the form of a buy-out tend to fail due to the financing …

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