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Preparation of company sales and purchases

The market for company sales is not organised. With estimated 30,000 to 40,000 company transactions taking place each year, there is little transparency regarding supply and demand. Hence, it is crucial that companies can rely on a professional and experienced consultant.
The company sale or purchase must be prepared and implemented strategically for a successful transfer of company shares and the achievement of a satisfactory sales price.
Specifically, this involves:

  • Identifying the transaction object
    Entire company or parts thereof, investment or majority share?
    Purchase/sale of assets or shares? (Asset deal vs. share deal)
  • Recognising and managing stumbling blocks and solutions to overcome these (vendor due diligence)
    With a preliminary due diligence HANSE Consulting M&A prepares the company for a transaction. Weaknesses in the transaction object must be revealed and remedied where possible. This guards the buyer against unwanted surprises during the process.
  • Verification of the takeover ability/saleability
    Profitability, financing, structures; where applicable, aim for an earnings increase before the transaction.
  • Existing or potential management gaps
    A company’s success depends on the personal qualities/capabilities of the manager – particularly in medium-sized companies.
    Management’s existing and lacking success-based competences are to be highlighted.
  • Existing or emerging gaps in management
    Especially in medium-sized companies success is depending on the personal abilities and characteristics of managers.
    Existing and eventually missing abilities of management that may influence the success of a company are to be determined.